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Diploma In Jewellery Designing

Fashion Designers design garments which are functional as well as attractive and in keeping with trends, market predictions and the climate. They have knowledge about fabric, weave, draping qualities, material, color and design and the changing trends.

Fashion designers develop new styles and products for clothing apparel and accessories by creating original designs or by adapting fashions to suit local conditions, trends and buyers. They are the ones who approve final samples before they go into production. The designer begins the designing process only after thorough market research, i.e., understanding the needs of the client/market in terms of changing trends, budget, etc. Accessory Designers specialize in designing shoes, bags, scarves, jewelry, ties, etc. which complete the look of the garment.

Syllabus of the Course

(The degree is awarded by Bharathiar University)
  • Introduction to Textilesntroduction to Textiles
  • Fashion Design concepts and Methodology
  • Garment Construction
  • Techniques of surface ornamentation
  • Fashion Designing and Illustration - Practical*
  • Garment Construction - Practical*

Syllabus of the Course

  • Creative & Artistic
  • Original and inventive
  • Sensitivity to colors, shades and tones
  • Ability to think in threedimensions to translate into garments what they visualize
  • Good communication
  • Goal oriented
  • Business acumen
  • Interest in sketching
  • Eye for detail
  • Visual imagination
  • Fashion conscious
  • Persuasive
  • Observant
  • Understanding of market and customer lifestyle

Job Prospectus

They can find employment with professional designers as apprentices, with manufacturing units, export houses, boutiques, media as costume designers, freelancing for fashion houses and boutiques and at the same time it is a rewarding possibility of self employment by opening your own boutique.

FASHION COORDINATORS arrange and supervise the marketing of fashion clothing for manufacturing houses, textile firms and retail stores. It is a highly competitive job involving a variety of functions. They advise on the latest fashion trends, organized fashion shows, assist in advertising i.e. promoting sales and liaison with fabric dealers to ensure that the fabric, buttons and colors are in the correct shade, quality and design. Coordinates may be required to travel widely to get an idea of the fashion trends.

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